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Sneak Peeks of Sam

Personality plus is the only way to describe this beautiful 12yo Burmese cat called Sam. Sam was a gift to his mum when she was 18 and he has always been an assertive cat and have been told, a little bit on the mischievous side, as he used to take the family’s jewellery and hide them in his bed in his younger years. Such a cheeky boy, Sam! He also has a beautiful, loving nature and is very much loved by his mum and his family and loves to curl up on their laps. So much so that he would move books and items out of the way so he could curl up for a snuggle. What an affectionate boy!
Lovely Burmese cat sitting pretty on a couch.Beautiful Burmese cat.Gorgeous Burmese cat sitting on a couch.Adorable Burmese cat walking.Cute Burmese cat standing on a couch.

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