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Sneak Peeks of Kai and Nahla

This dynamic duo is Kai and Nahla. Kai is a 4 yo Rhodesian Ridgeback and Nahla is an almost 4yo Kelpie x Staffy. Kai is regal looking with very soulful eyes. Nahla is a sweetheart and loves being around her Mum and Dad. They both have very natural personalities and characters and adore one another. Kai is very protective of his Mum while Nahla is very much a Daddy’s girl.
Rhodesian Ridgeback and Kelpie x Staffy together.Rhodesian Ridgeback playing with a monkey toy.Adorable Kelpie x Staffy sitting nicely.Light brown Rhodesian Ridgeback playing with a toy.Gorgeous light brown Kelpie x Staffy walking.

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