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Sneak Peeks of Jezebelle

The ayes ….oops, eyes …. sure do have it with this gorgeous girl, Jezebelle, a Himalayan cat.  Not only is this girl hypnotic to look at, she’s a bit of an action gal as well.  Jezebelle loves going to the beach with her mum and walks on her leash (would that be a CATwalk? … sorry!!).  She and her mum have been together for 16 years – since Jezebelle was a little ball of fluff – and are best pals.  They even share the same birthday!   Jezebelle, you are one fab feline and a purrfectly pretty puss!
stunning blue eyes close up female himalayan catcream and brown himalayan cat in sitting poselying down blue eyed female himalayan cat

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