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Sneak Peeks of Pink

Pretty in pink is this Pink, a gorgeous, happy and greatly loved Greyhound ….. well, pretty in her pink skin which is where her name came from (you probably thought it was  because she could sing? – haha!).  But this Pink does have other talents as well as looking majestic.  She can “will” her mum into waking up by just staring at her, make her teeth chatter when she’s really happy, and loves to play with her fur-sibling  horses and two Dachsies …. and her parents of course!  Oh, and Pink is pretty good at relaxing in the sunshine too, especially after a romp with the horses.  Pink, what a super smile you have, and like the “other” Pink, you ooze star quality.
one ear up white greyhound girl with black earshuge happy smile  white female greyhoundelegantly walking white  with black markings greyhound girlleaping white greyhoundpensive white greyhound girl

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