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Sneak Peeks of Luna

Sweet little Cocker Spaniel, Luna, certainly is out of this world ….. what starry eyes!  Luna’s mum confided that she’s “a bit of a Princess”, but hey, if the crown fits!  And you do look oh so regal on your “throne” too, Luna.  Teddy Bear also gets lots of loving from Luna .… she loves to “chase” teddy around the house.  Luna is also very loyal and adores her human brother ….. and is rewarded for her unconditional love with lots of couch cuddles with her human family.  Luna, you are a Star and shine as beautifully as the Moon!
princess pose on chair from cocker spanielloving look from black female cocker spanielflapping ears cocker spaniel playing with teddy bearhappy girl cocker spaniel with teddy bear in mouthsmiling black and grey female cocker spaniel

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