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Sneak Peeks of Coco

Sweet little Coco’s eyes reflect what a special girl she is.  At 12 years old, this adorable Fox Terrier still “oozes attitude” according to her mum and dad.  Coco is always up at the crack of dawn and makes sure mum and dad are awake as well.  Haha!  Coco probably like to ensure everyone is up because she loves her walks so much … especially when it means one on one time with her mama!  And she’s always up for a snuggle too, especially on mum’s lap or in bed ….. and that bed sure looks pretty snuggly too, Coco!  You are a beautiful little girl.
senior fox terrier girlsenior female fox terrier girl lying on bedwhite and tan fox terrier girl with underbitealert ears on female fox terrierface close up senior female fox terrier

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