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Sneak Peeks of Barry and Frankie

Darling Dachshund duo Barry and Frankie are equally gorgeous in looks, but are different in pawsonality.  Barry (red) is an independent little guy who loves his family, including his four human siblings.  Barry also loves snuggles (mama snuggles are his favourite!) and belly rubs.  And wow, can he fly for a ball!  Super dog!  Frankie (chocolate) is the more serious of the two who would spend every second of her day with her mama if she could.  Awww!  This tiny little girl (only 5kg!) can never get enough cuddles, even putting her head under a hand to ensure she gets some. Sweet!  Barry and Frankie, you both only need to look at someone with those gorgeous eyes and head tilts and the cuddles will follow.
pair of dachshund fur-siblings red boy and chocolate girlyoung red dachshund boy sitting downfluffy eared chocolate dachshund girlchocolate dachshund girl with tennis ball in mouthleaping red dachshund boy

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