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Sneak Peeks of Bandit

Bandit, an Australian Bulldog, is perfectly named ….. because this cool, fun boy will steal your heart!  What a huge, happy smile and check out Bandit’s adorable underbite.  And Bandit, that is  just the best “dead cockroach” impersonation!  Bandit loves his family which is returned tenfold …. oh, other than from his feline fur-sister who continues to resist his “paw of friendship”.  Puss’s loss, Bandit!  This boy radiates friendliness and playfulness … and perhaps a touch of ballet dancer with that pawsome leap?  Bandit, you have one lucky family!
huge happy smile and sit from boy australian bulldogdead cockroach impersonation from male australian bulldogrunning leap after tennis ball from aussie bulldoglooking skywardds tan and white aussie bulldog malesmiling white and tan australian bulldog boycatching the tennis ball in full flight australian bulldog

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