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Sneak Peeks of Kransky, Frankie, Willow and Fred

Kransky, Frankie and Willow (black and tan Dachshunds) have graced us with their presence again as they wanted to introduce their new little brother, Fred (red Dachshund).  Awww!  The three older siblings, along with their human parents, are rightly proud of their newest family member who is only a few months old.  Looks like Fred is working for his keep too ….. all that gardening from one little fella!  Rather a relaxed gardening style though, Fred?  Rumour has it that Fred can also be a tad cheeky, but hey, what youngest in the family isn’t sometimes?  Kransky, Frankie, and Willow, you are looking as gorgeous as ever and make sure you keep baby-bro Fred in line.  What a fab four of dashing Dachshies!
red dachshund puppy red with white patch on nosepuppy dachshund playing with sticks and leavesyoung red male dachshund chewing on stickpair of siting dachshunds red and black and tanfab four dachshund fur-siblings

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