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Sneak Peeks of Bonnie

Bonnie, you could just about reach the stars with that big stretch!  And speaking of stars, beautiful Bonnie, a Tibetan Spaniel cross, sure is one ….. and very aptly named!  Check out those movie star eyes and adorable head tilt. Pawfection!  Bonnie is also her human mama’s best pal and constant companion, though she also loves to visit “nanna”, and brings great  joy to their neighbours when she pops in for a “chat-n-pat”.  Bonnie, you are a star who lights up many lives … beautiful inside and out!
hind leg leap from tibetan spaniel crossfluffy black female tibetan spaniel crosshead tilting black fluffy tibetan spaniel crosspink tongue sticking out cheeky tibetan spaniel crosspleading look from tibetan spaniel cross

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