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Sneak Peeks of Abbi and Chappy

Adorable Abbi and Cheerful Chappy are full-o-fun fur-siblings who liven up their human parents’ lives and homes with their infectious zest for life.  Abbi, smaller and lighter in colour, is more the leader of the two, and protector of the household.  And her reward for protecting her family?  She LOVES her pats, car rides, playing with balls, water, the beach ……. hmmm, Abbi, seems you just love life eh?    Younger fur-bro Chappy is a big “teddy bear” who loves to stick close to his mama and papa and hangs on their every word …… isn’t that right Chappy?  That head tilt says “yes I do!”  You are a Dynamic Duo, Abbi and Chappy!
smiling airedale fur-siblingsjoyous bound from airedalehead tilting happy airedalejaunty airedale stepping outcool dude smiling airedale

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