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Sneak Peeks of Layla and Roger

You call that a ridge?  No, these are ridges!!   So says Layla and Roger, gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback fur-siblings.  And pretty much a perfect pair too from what their human parents tell us.  Older sister Layla (with the white markings on her muzzle) is a bit of a tomboy who loves going for her walks; no doubt enjoying showing off that beautiful stance.  Roger is just one big affectionate softie in whose mesmerising eyes you could melt.   And Roger, looks like you might enjoy the odd tummy rub or two?  A perfect pair who are as beautiful inside as they are out.  Roger that …. and Layla that too!  Haha!
pair of rhodesian ridgebacks showing their ridgesregal stance of female rhodesian ridgeback face close up of tan rhodesian ridgeback femaleface close up of tan rhodesian ridgeback maleasking for a tummy rub ridgeback

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