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Sneak Peeks of Boss and Nevada

There is nothin’ like a dame …..oops, Dane!  And better still when there are two!  Boss (beige) is older fur-brother to Nevada (white with brown markings) who is about 4 years his junior.  Boss is very protective of his human mama, but not from people, it’s other dogs he won’t allow near her.   She’s mine!!!  But bring out that snuggly blanket and Boss goes into cuddle mode with his parents.  Awww!  Nevada loves to have her mama chase her for her favourite teeth ball so she can … well, get her teeth into it.  And if you really want to see her move, just say the word “ride” – Nevada loves the car … and her ‘grandparent’s’ golf buggy.  Fore!!!  You are a great Great Danes Boss and Nevada!
great dane fur siblings brindle boy and white girlbeige great dane draped in brown snuggle playful great dane girl with teeth ball toyconfidently strutting beige male great danerelaxed sitting pose from brown and white great dane girl

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