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Sneak Peeks of Loki and Rakki

Boxer Loki is little fur-sister ….. in years only, not in size! …. to Staffy Rakki (which means “lucky” in Japanese).  And yes, you are right – they both love their tennis balls.  Maybe that’s why they both look so ace? (groan!!)  Loki’s favourite game is chasey though she doesn’t mind a spot of the old “cuddle on the couch” either.   Loving Rakki prefers hours of lap sitting or following her human parents around “just to check on them”.  Awww, good girl!  Loki and Rakki, you keep up that tennis ball practice and you can lob back here any time because you are both so gorgeous …. and that’s not a backhanded compliment either (double groan!!)
fur sisters sitting together boxer and staffordshire bull terrierbrindle boxer with mouth  full of tennis balltan and white staffy girl chewing on tennis ballintent stare from female staffy dogfemale brindle boxer with tennis ball in mouth

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