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Sneak Peeks of Bella and Basil

Two “Bs” or not two “Bs” – that is the question!  Well, they are!  Introducing “B”-eautiful Bella (cream with silver Lhasa Apso) and “B”-ecoming Basil (cream and brown Shih Tzu).  Bella’s adoring human family spilled the beans that she is the cheeky and mischievous one of the two, but is also a real cuddler and snuggler.  Gotta love a gal with “tude”!  Basil is the more shy “Little Gentleman” of the two ….. unless you are a brown paper bag!  But hey, who doesn’t love the strong, silent type?  Bella and Basil, you might be chalk and cheese in personality, but it’s a dead heat in the “Too Cute” category.
lhasa apso snuggled in multi-coloured blanketshih tzu shredding brown paper bagshih tzu boy in sit positionlhaso apso chomping on brown paper bagfluffy cream and brown fur siblings sitting together

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