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Sneak Peeks of Hugo, Buzz and Caesar

Handsome Hugo (Australian Blue Cattle Dog), Stunning Caesar (Border Collie) and Bubbly Buzz (Border Collie) are a trio of working dogs who do not have to work at looking gorgeous!  These fur-bros fill their home with cheek, energy, and cuddles … and keep their adoring human parents entertained.  Hugo provides most of the cheek and comes up with ways to get into places where he’s not supposed to be.  Onya Hugo!  Buzz brings the energy and loves chasing his ball; nothing like a long game of fetch.  Caesar is the chilled-out cuddler who will let you know with his paw “please don’t stop” if his parents try to stop patting him. Awww!
trio of australian working dogs two border collies and a cattle doghandsome black and white boy border collie short haired head tilting border collie boyrelaxed and smiling australian blue cattle dogleaping black and white border collie

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