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Sneak Peeks of Ringo and Kouki

Star Ringo (no, not Ringo Starr) is a loving softie Dalmatian cross and big bro to his younger fur-sister Kouki (pronounced ‘cookie’), a beautiful Blue Merle Border Collie.  Ringo lives for pats and cuddles, especially with his human mama when she’s on the couch.  That huge happy smile will get you up there every time Ringo!  Kouki, dressed to impress with her gorgeous fluffy coat and oh-so-sweet smile, loves her ball.  And she’s so smart she’s even picked a blue ball to go with her Blue Merle colour!  You both shine Ringo and Kouki!
smiling fur siblings male dalmatian cross and female blue merle border collielaid back smiling dalmatian cross boystately pose from blue merle border collie girlblue merle border collie with blue ball in mouthdalmatian cross looking to the sky

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