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Sneak Peeks of Arwen

Hey!  Anyone up for a spin around the dance floor?  A quick waltz or a bit of a cha cha cha?  I’m in position and rearing to go.  Sweet young Arwen, a Miniature Schnauzer, certainly looks like he’s ready to sweep you off your feet – just look at that poise and balance!  And as if to reinforce how multitalented he is, Arwen looks to be showing off his catwalk ….. oops, should that be dogwalk? …. style as well.  Perfect profile, handsome head tilt, then off on a winning walk.  You’ve certainly won us Arwen!
dancing black miniature schnauzerlooking skyward black miniature schnauzercool beard on black miniature schnauzeron the march black miniature schnauzerblack miniature schnauzer with cuddle toy

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