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Sneak Peeks of Yogi

Make no Boo Boo about this Yogi, she’s a happy young gal who her human family adore.  And Yogi, you just scream “joie de vivre” with those “life of their own” ears and biggest smile ever.  And looks like she has a serious side too ….. very deep in thought! …… weeeell, Yogi’s “mum” hints that looks can be deceiving with this girl.  Apparently she doesn’t waste too much time on thinking, but perhaps we could all take a leaf from your book Yogi?  How does it go?  Don’t worry, be happy!  You just continue playing with your ball, looking gorgeous, and enjoying life.  YOU are the smart one Yogi!
mastiff x ridgeback intent on blue balljoyous mastiff x ridgeback girlalert and ready for action mastiff x ridgebackhappy faced smiling girl mastiff x ridgebacklaid back mastiff x ridgeback girl

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