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Sneak Peeks of Bella, Odin, Hercules, Minni, Maxx, Felicity and Leo ….. Phew!

Brady Bunch eat your hearts out …… this happy family has gazumped you!  So, introducing the canine branch of the family; ladies first and oldest fur-sibling is beautiful Bella, the Golden Labrador.  She’s a chilled out girl who has never even growled!  Middle fur-bro is Rottweiler, Odin.  He loves everything and everyone … and food which he has been caught stealing.  Hee hee!  Last in the canine clan is young Hercules, the Pug.  He’s Mr Full of Beans and looks like he can produce Herculean tugs of the rope too!  Now for the feline family; we have Minni the white, tan and grey gal who is The Boss!  Next is Maxx, the black and white Domestic who is his human daddy’s boy.  Felicity is the oh-so elegant Rag Doll and doesn’t that regal tail wave say it all.  And last, but by no means least, is lovely Leo, the white Domestic who is super friendly and seems to enjoy a ride on his mama’s shoulder.  Bet the Brady Bunch couldn’t boast a 28 legged family ….. and that’s even without the humans!
trio of unlikely fur siblingssaintly smile on golden labrador's facerottweiler ready for a chatgraceful golden labrador girlpretty tri-colour domestic catblack and white domestic cattail aloft seal point rag doll catwhite domestic cat sitting on mum's shoulderfour cats together on a couchtugging pug

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