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Sneak Peeks of Buddy and Pixie

This pair will leave you “feline” like you need a Buddy and Pixie cuddle-fix too!  Older fur-bro Buddy, the Abyssinian, is Buddy in name and buddy in nature to his human mum – he even meows “you called me?” when he comes to her.   Awww ….. brilliant boy Buddy!  Younger sister, Pixie, is a Ragdoll cat ….. but sometimes thinks she is a Meercat … oops, Meerkat ……. with her athletic hind leg stands.  Hmmm … maybe she knows this gives her an opportunity to show off her luxurious coat, second in ‘yumminess’ only to her stunning blue eyes.  Buddy and Pixie, you are simply purrfect!!!

ragdoll cat impersonating a meerkatsphynx like tawny abyssinianbright blue eyed chocolate and white ragdoll catlolling on side abyssinianlaid back abyssinian rolling aorund

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