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Sneak Peeks of Millie

You call that a chew stick?  No, this is a chew stick!!  Multi talented Millie loves people, loves other dogs, and loves her cat fur-sister, Grainne.  This sweet little Boxer girl considers herself the “Welcoming Committee” for all new dogs at her dog park, and prefers playing with other dogs to her toys …… unless it’s one Grainne is playing with then it has Millie’s name written all over it.  Reckon she could lick up any toy pretty quickly with that gorgeous long tongue.  Millie you tick all the boxers …… oops, boxes ….. with your gentle ways and very cute puppy dog eyes.

cute puppy dog eyes boxerboxer girl walking with ed ball in mouthsideways tongue loll from leaning boxer dogquizzical head tilt from boxer dogboxer chewing on long stick

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