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Sneak Peeks of Bronx

Who do you call when somethin’ needs a fixin’?  Bronx The Toolman, that’s who!  This handsome young Rottweiler with those “get away with anything” eyes just loves to “help” his human dad when the toolbox comes out.  That is, if you define “help” as involving a game of chasey around the backyard before any serious work can get done.  Looks like Bronx even helps with making the bed too?  But this young lad is also gentle and loving; always greeting people with a happy smile.  You definitely have bucket (or toolbox?) loads of “awwww” factor, Bronx!

handyman rottweiler with screwdriverpensive young rottweiler looking upwardsyoung rottweiler pulling blanket with mouthprofile young rottweiler walkingrottweiler pup with head on ground between paws

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