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Sneak Peeks of Zoe and Carly

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Zoe (Blenheim), and Carly (Ruby) both love having a ball with each other … quite literally!  Both these affectionate girls love being with their human parents, and rumour has it, can get away with just about anything when using their beautiful big eyes to ask. Resistance is futile!  What keeps Zoe most happy is being with her human family, people, Carly …. and of course her ball!  And apart from beguiling with her eyes, Carly will also put her paw up when seeking attention.   Zoe and Carly, you are a Savvy pair of Cavvies!

pair of cavalier king charles spaniels playing with ballsblenheim cavalier kind charles with large orange ball in mouthruby coloured cavvy chewing on tennis ballruby cavalier king charles walking towards youblenheim cavvy with fanned tail playing with orange ball

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