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Sneak Peeks of Daisy

Delightful Daisy (Cavoodle) has a bubbly personality – inside and out!  This little girl invented the word “bubble-aholic”.  And talk about dressed to impress … this fashion conscious cutie seems to have something for every occasion.  Her hoodie for when she’s “helping” her human mum do her yoga exercises …. Daisy’s doga? …. and her tres chic daisy necklace for those special outings with her adored and adoring family.  And Daisy, you definitely don’t need to wear a blanket asking for cuddles …. one look at dainty face and they are a given!

cavoodle chasing bubblestrendy cavoodle in hoodiedainty and pretty golden cavoodle cavoodle wrapped in cuddle blankethead tilting golden cavoodle

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