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Sneak Peeks of Shadow and Cooper

Smiling Border Collie boys, Shadow (chocolate and white) and Cooper (black and white) are best pals who love – and are loved – by everyone they meet.  One of Shadow’s “tricks” is to chase himself …… well, his shadow anyway …. so true to name.  Doubly so in fact as Cooper loves to shadow his adored big bro, Shadow.  Young Cooper is the cheeky boy of the two who has some “naughty stories” to share, but no doubt new phone cables were needed anyway!  Hee hee!  Truly handsome hounds, Shadow and Cooper!

pair of smiling border collies brown & white and black & whitelaid back brown and white border colliephantom of the opera mask-like border colliefluffy eared chocolate and white border colliecheeky looking black and white border collie


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