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Zoo Studio Foundation Helps Raise $26,000 for GSD’s In Need

At Zoo Studio we are in awe of the amazing work done by rescue groups around the country, especially here in Queensland. We love to help out wherever we can, and in September 2014 we met a rescue group with whom we felt a special connection – we couldn’t resist finding some way to contribute.

German Shepherd Dogs in Need (GSDs in Need) is a breed-specific group which rescues and rehabilitates German Shepherd dogs throughout Australia. They provide training and behavioural rehabilitation, accept surrenders, and rescue dogs from pounds.

BeckDrake 7At Zoo Studio we have a soft spot for German Shepherds. Zoo Studio founders Beck and Ken Drake adopted Bollo from the RSPCA in 2010. Bollo is half German Shepherd – and a big softy.

At the RSPCA Big Adopt Out in late 2014, Beck approached Justin and Lisa from GSDs in Need with a desire to help this wonderful organisation in some way. Justin and Lisa were enthusiastic to find a joint project – and so a calendar was born. The next month was a flurry of photoshoots, editing, creative design, and printing – all in time for 2015 calendar sales in November/ December 2014. Twelve beautiful German Shepherds were photographed over 3 days, followed by many many hours of selection, editing and creative design. Quite the mountain of effort! This team was determined to make the project a success for GSDs in Need.

The result was a 12 month calendar for 2015, celebrating the beautiful German Shepherd and the work of GSDs in Need. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the GSDs in Need supporter community and Zoo Studio promotions, the calendar’s first print run of 1000 sold out in just 2 weeks! The next print run of 1000 was sold out by December.

In fact, the calendar was so successful we’re launching another one for 2016.

2015_germanshepWe are proud to have been part of such a successful project, and humbled that our contribution of $12,000 value of photography plus design and printing allowed GSDs in Need to raise $26,000 to continue their fabulous work. This $26,000 is currently working hard on critical vet care, as well as the support and maintenance for dogs in care.

Thanks to Justin and Lisa for your incredible enthusiasm and efficiency, to our lovely Zoo Studio fans for your contributions, and the wonderful GSDs in Need community for your endless support.

We are excited to be able to help such an amazing organisation and we look forward to even greater success with the 2016 GSDs in Need calendar!

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