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Client Session Update

Last update for the month of March already, where is this year going?

I’ve been on my travels a bit this week, its been good to get out and about especially seeing as Beck has been away (I’ve really missed her, but she’s back on Monday, ace!). Monday we had another day at the RSPCA, this time getting some photos for their education department. You know what they say about working with children and animals? They are wrong! We had a brilliant time, and thanks go to Kellie and Leah for helping out on the kid and animal wrangling and getting the shots they need, and Yvette for looking after me (again!) with lovely sandwiches. I get spoiled when I go there! Hope you like the pictures. By the way the Rooster’s name is Mr Perfect, and he is, well, perfect!

I have also been out getting more photos for various Greencross Vets clinics. If you didn’t know, we are going around all their clinics in Queensland getting photos of their staff with their own pets to put on the walls of their clinics. We have been getting a really good response, what do you think? Don;t forget to let us know if you want to be photographed with your pets!

We also managed to find some time for clients back at Zoo Studio base …

And its another full week coming up… we have a week full of Spaniels, Pugs, a Labradoodle puppy, a Burman kitten… the blog update might be a little late, we are celebrating Easter and our second wedding anniversary, but hopefully this extra large blog installment should keep you going for a couple of weeks!

Right I’m off for a beer. I’ve been painting our new specialist cat photography platform all day and I think I deserve it!

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