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Sneak Peeks of Tilly and Jett

Love is all around with lovebirds, Tilly and Jett. Beautiful Tilly is a Peach-faced Lovebird while gorgeous Jett is a Masked Lovebird. Mum has had Tilly for just over three years and Jett was rescued two years ago. Tilly is outgoing and very inquisitive to the point where she will fly around discovering all of the little hidey holes in different places of the house, so Mum has had to ‘Tilly-proof’ the place! Lol  Tilly, you are a mischievous one! Jett on the other hand is the quieter, unassuming and more cautious one and he enjoys nothing more than giving Tilly the limelight! These two are best pals and get along like a house on fire! Tilly and Jett, you are both adorable and you can keep on spreading that love around!

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