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Sneak Peeks of Comet

This stunning boy is Comet and he is definitely one fire-ball of fun! Comet is a five month old German Shorthaired Pointer and is such a well behaved boy and is so the complete opposite of what a German Shorthaired Pointer should be! But in a good way! Lol  He lives on an acreage with his Mum, Dad, his big sister, Galaxie (a previous Zoo Studio supawstar) and some chickens. When Comet was first introduced to the chickens, he licked and cuddled them! He is a very cuddly boy and he will sit and wait for more cuddles. He is a very calm and chilled young man, not really much of a ball player but he does like his soft cuddly toys though. You are such a sweet boy, Comet, and you can take us to the stars and back anytime!

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