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Sneak Peeks of Willow and Ralphie

It’s Husky time with gorgeous duo, Willow and Ralphie. Willow is 4yo, long haired, black and white with grey on her and she has different coloured eyes, blue and brown. Ralphie is 3yo and he is pure white with striking blue eyes. Willow is a very independent young lady and very happy to be on her own doing her own thing. Mum describes Willow as a ‘Princess’ as she is a very pretty girl (who wouldn’t love those eyes?) She is very loving and can be a bit silly. She’s the kind of girl that when she wants to sit on the couch, she can’t just get up and sit. She has to stretch her paws out, lift them up and them ‘throw’ them down on the couch to sit down! Lol  Willow also adores her toys. Ralphie on the other hand is very food driven and Mum describes him as ‘needy’ and is the complete polar opposite to Willow. Ralphie is Mum’s shadow and loves to follow her everywhere. He won’t leave Mum’s side and if Dad sits down on the couch next to Mum, Ralphie has to come and sit in between them. If Dad goes to give Mum a kiss, Ralphie looks up and licks Mum first! Lol 😊 You’re definitely Mummy’s boy, Ralphie! They both love their toys and in typical Husky style, anything that is soft and fluffy doesn’t last very long! Willow and Ralphie, you are both completely adorable and so much fun to have around!

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