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Sneak Peeks of Jazz

Nothing can beat the sound of a bit of Jazz to liven things up and especially with this beautiful 3yo red and brown Border Collie named Jazz! He came into his Mum’s life as a young, vibrant, effervescent 8 week old puppy and he has always been by his Mum’s side! Jazz has a real fascination with shadows which he just loves to chase. You sure you’re not a kitty cat in a dog’s body, Jazz? When Jazz chases shadows he does this cute little ‘hop’ like a fox does which is absolutely adorable! Jazz loves to play ball and will chase the ball around as long as Mum will throw it for him! Mum just adores Jazz’s beautiful eyes and she describes them as a golden brown that sparkle in the sunshine! Jazz is very attuned to his Mum’s feelings so if she is feeling sad, he will be right by her side and if she is happy, he will be happy alongside her. Mum works in a job which can be a bit stressful at times so she really appreciates coming home each night where she can be comforted by Jazz where he can give her lots of his unconditional puppy love. Jazz loves getting into the car and knows that he is going somewhere so he looks forward to the adventure ahead. He even loves going to the vet so when his Mum asks him, ”We going to the vet?”, Jazz will give a head tilt of approval and a bark filled with excitement because he knows he is going on yet another adventure! Jazz also loves having puppy naps on the bed and the couch and he will snuggle up next to his Mum for lots of pats and love!

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