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Sneak Peeks of Harley and Chevy

Let’s welcome these two adorable guys in Harley and Chevy. Harley is a 3yo Kelpie cross Cattle Dog and Chevy is a 10yo blue and black Australian Cattle Dog cross. Chevy is a previous Zoo Studio superstar and is a loyal and calm older boy but this time around he wanted to give Harley a chance to be in the limelight! Harley joined the family when his Mum’s partner came across him outside a country pub for sale and he just had to have him! Harley is the sweetest boy imaginable who adores a cuddle and love from his family. He has the typical working dog energy and LOVES to herd the chooks into bed each day which is always fun to witness! He seems to find it fun to ‘put them to bed’ in the afternoons! Harley loves to play but isn’t the best player in the world and tends to take what is being played with and will run off! Waiting to be chased of course! Whilst Harley really isn’t in to taking off with items to play with, he does LOVE his Mum’s jumpers and he will find them and steal them! Such a cheeky boy, Harley! He is very much his Mum’s boy! Harley does have very high energy levels and loves being active especially running around the property but during his quiet moments, he is a complete cuddle bug! Harley and Chevy, you are both such sweet boys and completely irresistible!

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