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Sneak Peeks of Affie and Chino

These two precious little guys are brothers, Affie and Chino. They are both 3yo and are caramel and white Maltese Terrier cross Shih Tzus. Affie and Chino came into their Mum’s life when she first moved into her new home. She had grown up with dogs and couldn’t imagine living without one so adopted these two beautiful boys from North Queensland which is where she is initially from. Being brothers, they arrived with Mum at the same time and it was love at first sight! Mum’s love of coffee was the inspiration for the names of the boys – Affie for Affogato and Chino for Cappuccino! They are Mum’s ‘Coffee Babies!’ Affie is the more placid of the two and happy to stand back and survey the scene. He is very cruisy and definitely the more independent of the two. Chino is the firecracker of the family and LOVES to be the centre of attention! He adores playing and sometimes when he sees a toy that Affie is playing with, he will go and steal it from him! Such a cheeky boy, Chino! Both boys love their squeak toys and when they are in the mood, will play tug-of-war also. They have completely different personalities but do have some similar traits – one of which is getting up and sleeping on Mum and Dad’s clothes when packing to go away for work! The boys have the most excitable greetings when Mum and Dad arrive home and this is just as happy and loving if they have been away from the house for ten minutes or two months! They are always loving and consistent with their greetings and adore the time when their Mum and Dad are home. They will also sit themselves on the back of the couch and rest their heads on Mum and Dad’s shoulders which Mum loves. Affie and Chino, you are both personality plus and totally adorable!

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