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Sneak Peeks of Memphis

Magnificent Memphis is a 5yo black Belgian Shepherd and he joined the family as a 7 week old puppy where he has been completely adored and happily spoilt from the beginning! He is completely beautiful to look at and VERY photogenic as we can see! Memphis still has quite a few of his very playful puppy traits and is a fun loving and happy young man! He is energetic and he loves to play – especially if it is with a ball! In fact, he loves to play ball so much that he has been known to get up in the middle of the night to play ball! Memphis also LOVES going on his daily walks, (and playing ball in the dog park!) He ADORES his squeaky pig toy and he will happily throw this around making as much noise as possible when the mood takes him. He requires a lot of stimulation and his Mum makes sure he has plenty to do and that they have their daily outings which of course involves lots of fun! Whilst Memphis is energetic and playful, he is a very independent young man and an amazing watch dog – he is alert but doesn’t overreact, as he makes sure that his home and family are safe. He is completely loving, super friendly and he loves to meet new friends. He is happy to do his own thing most of the time but he also loves his time with his Mum, exercising and playing. Memphis is a very well mannered and clever boy who will be more than happy to come up and shake your hand when he meets you! Memphis, you are such a handsome and beautiful boy!

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