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Sneak Peeks of Marley and Max

These two adorable youngsters are Marley and Max. Both are blue, brindle and white Staffordshire Bull Terriers with Marley being 3yo and Max being 7 months of age. Marley joined the family as a puppy after her Mum had lost her old Staffy and had found that there was too big a hole in her life without a dog. Marley is a loving young lady who has easily fitted in to the family and her Mum refers to her as ‘My Girl!’ These two have a special bond which is something that Mum feels lucky to have. Marley is also quite fun and mischievous when she wants to be but is also a really good girl who just aims to please! Whilst Marley does love play and interaction, she is completely tennis ball obsessed and she even knows the words! This really is Marley’s thing and all other play pales in comparison! Max joined the family earlier this year when Mum and Dad decided that Marley needed some additional company. Max is actually Marley’s brother from a later litter and is just as beautiful as his sister! He is a real character and keeps them entertained with his fun loving zest for life. Mum loves that this young man is still a little clumsy and growing into himself which only makes his antics funnier! Max also loves to play and his favourite toy is his red tug rope! He really gets into the fun of tug-of-war and his facial expressions are just priceless! Marley and Max, you are both totally gorgeous and a complete bundle of fun!

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