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Sneak Peeks of Zaik

He looks like a cross between a mighty wolf and a clever coyote but beautiful Zaik (pronounced Zyke), is in fact a 6.5yo Husky cross German Shepherd. Zaik came into his Mum and Dad’s life in the most unusual and unexpected way when they were working in the Middle East and came across this boy in a very bad condition and in need of a foster home. With the love of his new parents, he recovered and he came into his true personality – one of a loving and gentle soul. Mum and Dad quickly knew that they didn’t want to part with this precious boy they saved so they adopted him! Due to the customs requirements, the family had a fairly long road ahead of them to get Zaik into Australia and this included a couple of flights through Abu Dhabi and Europe to get their boy home! Zaik loves to explore his surroundings but as a result of his past, he can be a little wary. Zaik also goes to day care and this has been amazing with helping this boy’s confidence and his ability to adapt to change. While Zaik loves his time interacting with others when he is comfortable, he is at heart, quiet-natured and truly happiest with his Mum and Dad. They have an amazing strong connection with this boy, partially from what Zaik had been through but now mostly because they love each other so much and are constants in each other’s lives! Zaik, you are so regal and majestic and such an inspirational and amazing young man!

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