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Sneak Peeks of Wolfgang and Ru

Say hello to dynamic duo, Wolfgang and Ru! Wolfgang is a 2yo Wolfhound cross Cattle Dog and Ru is a 2yo tan/brindle Greyhound cross Bull Arab. Wolfgang joined the family as a puppy when Mum was at a market and saw him for sale. She was completely bowled over by this sweet boy’s beautiful nature and his gorgeous amber eyes. That was enough and Wolfgang came home with Mum then and there! Wolfie is the sweetest boy imaginable and he can be a ‘sooky boy’ too! Wolfgang is social and loves to have a ‘chat’ and Mum loves how his mouth moves when he ‘talks!’ He is also a complete sucker for a squeaky toy and he ADORES these the most! Wolfgang adores his sister, Ru, and her fun-loving character has been irresistible and she has taught this boy a few of her tricks! Ru joined the family not long after getting Wolfgang when they agreed they needed some company for Wolfie while they were at work. They found Ru at the RSPCA Big Adopt Out and fell in love with her immediately, happily having a successful meet and greet with Wolfie and bringing her home. Ru is a ‘graceful little lady’ who LOVES to lick and also putting her paws on your shoulder to stand up! While she is graceful, she is also the firecracker of the family and LOVES to find fun in any which way she can! Ru is social, playful and adores everyone she meets. She completely endears herself to people quickly and loves making friends. Wolfgang and Ru, you are both completely adorable and incredibly stunning!

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