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Sneak Peeks of Tilly and Billy

These gorgeous fur-babies are Tilly and Billy! Tilly is a 4yo white and tan wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier and Billy is a 2yo red, tan and white Jack Russell Terrier. Tilly came into her Mum’s life as a young puppy when Mum had fallen in love with the Jack Russell breed after her previous house mate had owned one. When Mum first laid eyes on Tilly, it was definitely love at first sight and this very special girl has been a joy since day one! Tilly is very even tempered and is a constant for her Mum, her sister, Billy, and feline sister, Milly! 😊  Mum describes this beautiful girl as thoughtful and kind, not just to people but also to other animals and she is a sweet, loving girl to have around. Tilly is always alert when needed but when she is inside, she is truly chilled and just hangs out quite happily. Whilst this very lovely girl is one of the sweetest, kindest girls you could meet, she also has a playful side and loves to spend time with Billy, who is actually the opposite of her and quite mischievous! Tilly is usually only active and energetic when she is outside and will zoom around happily checking things out. Billy is super playful and will often decide when she wants to play with Tilly and will ‘push’ her to play for a while which is completely gorgeous! Billy is a fun loving girl full of joy and happiness and she loves to run after her ball and chase her big sister around! She enjoys being next to her Mum and is quite happy taking a rest knowing her Mum is close by. These two girls are totally adorable and know how to tug on your heart strings!

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