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Sneak Peeks of Willow and Mischief

This sweet little heart melter is Willow and she is a 4 month old chocolate Toy Poodle. She recently joined the family as a companion to 13yo Toy Poodle, Mischief (Missy), who has been a Zoo Studio superstar twice before! Now Willow is following in Missy’s pawsteps! Willow is a beautiful ‘little ball of fluff’ with amazing, unique coloured eyes which her Mum loves. Willow and Missy are still getting to know each other but have so far settled beautifully and Mum is thrilled that Willow has brought out some more play in Missy. Mum loves watching the girls have little tug of war games with one of their toys. Willow is also VERY mischievous with her play and will actually go and take toys that Missy plays with and she will hide them in the basket! She is loving her older sister but at times is far too active for her so she goes and makes her own fun – her favourite toys are the snake and flamingo but she will also mischievously go out and grab seed pods from one of the trees outside and destroy them!! Willow is super energetic and LOVES to jump but when it is time to have a rest she will curl up under a blanket and have a puppy nap! Mum is already besotted and totally in love with this special little girl who is living the good life, along with Missy, by their loving Mum.

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