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Sneak Peeks of Pumpkin

This cute little guy is Pumpkin and he is a 1yo fawn Pug cross Jack Russell. Pumpkin came into his Mum and Dad’s life when they had decided that the time was right for them to have a puppy. Whilst they were keeping an eye out for a puppy, Mum and Dad came across this little guy who initially had a hold on him but wasn’t available at the time. Shortly after though, he became available again and Mum and Dad could not have been happier! Pumpkin is a social and playful young man who also loves a good nap! He loves his play time especially with his plush toys. He also enjoys playing fetch with a ball when he is in the mood and he has a funny little quirk where he will not play ball outside the home! As much as they try, this little guy will not play ball at the park or when he isn’t at home! Pumpkin also LOVES to play chasey with his Mum and Dad. For a little Pug X, he sure is fast and at the park he can get up quite a sprint! This young man loves to sleep a lot through the day so then he can enjoy the fun of his Mum and Dad being home at night and on weekends for play times! So when this fun, quirky and outgoing guy has some down time, he is definitely a lap dog and loves nothing more than to hang out with his Mum and Dad relaxing or watching TV. In fact, he doesn’t mind watching TV at all and will always bark crazily if he sees an animal or when the bad guys are on a TV show! Lol  Pumpkin, you are such an adorable boy and personality plus!

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