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Sneak Peeks of Kiara

Beautiful Kiara is a 6yo black Labrador is an integral part of the family and came to them as a young puppy, quickly working her way into everyone’s hearts. She has the loveliest nature anyone could imagine and is friendly, patient, smart and kind-hearted. When they went to look at the puppies, Kiara was the only one left from her litter and they decided she was not going to be left and from that moment was going to be part of a family – her family! Kiara got her name from the movie,‘The Lion King 2’, as Simba’s daughter was called Kiara. The girls had seen the movie and it was a name they all loved. Kiara is playful and she LOVES to play ball and fetches like a champion! She also ADORES her food and one thing she REALLY loves is pappadums! When the family sit down to have a traditional family meal, Kiara will put herself under the table and will pat at everyone’s legs until she is passed some pappadums! She is a patient girl and a gentle and loving soul who the family all adore. She is protective and will alert the family if she thinks something is a potential issue. Kiara absolutely adores people and especially children as she is particularly protective when there are children around. What a gorgeous young lady you are Kiara!

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