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Sneak Peeks of Barney and Shaymus

It’s Spoodle time with lovable duo, Barney and Shaymus! Barney is black and white and he just recently turned 1yo while Shaymus is mostly black with a small amount of white and he is 7yo. Shaymus is a previous Zoo Studio superstar and he was just tagging along and wanted to give his younger fur-sibling a chance to be in the spotlight! Barney is the name that was given to him by the breeder and the family liked it because it suited him so his name ‘just stuck.’ Barney is a real character and has an adorable face and beautiful big puppy dog eyes that he knows how to use to his advantage and ‘get him out of trouble!’ Lol  He is a big tease and he knows how to push Shaymus’s buttons to get his own way or to simply just annoy him! Barney is mischievous, gentle and just LOVES his belly rubs! He loves to play with toys that Shaymus has and if Shaymus doesn’t have the toy then Barney isn’t interested! Lol  Barney has a ‘fetish’ for chewing on the tin floor and chasing possums! He doesn’t catch them but he does put up quite a chase! Lol  Barney and Shaymus, you are both totally pawesome!

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