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Sneak Peeks of Spencer

This special young man is Spencer and he is a beautiful 9yo Maltese Terrier. He came to the family as a rescue from a sad background but has lived the best life since he found his furever home! Spencer is very sweet natured and has beautiful, expressive eyes and will happily let you know when he wants your attention. He is quite a playful boy and will happily amuse himself as well. Spencer is pretty well behaved who is happy to be with his Mum and the family – but is DEFINITELY Mum’s boy! Spencer is great company for his Mum and his presence on a day to day basis is very special to her. He brings so much happiness to the whole family but especially his Mum! You are such a cute and adorable guy, Spencer, and we love your happy-go-lucky nature and your sweet little bow tie!

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