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Sneak Peeks of Frankie, Milo and Charlie

Say hello to beautiful fur-family of three, Frankie, Milo and Charlie! Frankie is a 7yo blue fawn Kelpie and Milo and Charlie are 4yo chocolate Labrador brothers. Frankie is Mum’s brave boy and he is her son’s faithful companion. Frankie was a rescue from the RSPCA at 10 months of age and Mum describes Frankie as her ‘little old man’ because he is so sweet and gentle. Frankie absolutely loves catching balls and playing with squeak toys. He particularly loves the soft squeak toys and he will play and carry them around. The family have to pause the TV when Frankie is playing with his squeak toy because he is so loud that they cannot hear anything else! He is a very loving boy and his Mum says that he looks like ‘Red Dog’ from the movie of the same name. Milo is Mum’s daughter’s young man and he just LOVES to play tug-of-war and he also loves to cuddle and be around people. They call Milo, Pepe Le Pew because he will bop up and down just like Pepe with his toys. He adores getting in the car and going for rides. They are one of the most fun things for him to do. Milo also LOVES his soccer ball! This is his prized possession! Lol  Charlie is Mum’s very own and he is VERY food orientated and he will never say no to food! Lol  He loves to have a toy in his mouth when greeting people and it is his favourite thing to do. When Charlie is outside and wants to come in to the house, he will bark to get their attention and if nobody pays attention, he will continue barking until somebody lets him in. They all love to sleep on the bed with Mum and it is never unusual to have all three up on the bed at once with their Mum! These lovable trio are very handsome boys indeed and simply stunning!


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