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Sneak Peeks of Cara

Adorable Cara is a 4yo gold Cocker Spaniel and she came into her Mum’s life as a young puppy after her Mum’s previous older Cocker Spaniel had passed away. Cara is totally beautiful! Not only in looks but also in personality. She has the most gorgeous, soulful eyes which stare deep into your eyes and melt your heart! She is also a beautiful companion for her Mum and is so easy to have around. Cara is full of energy and LOVES to run and play. She is known for finding a play mate at the park and racing around with them playing chasey until they are both completely worn out! She is beautifully mannered and has mastered the ‘perfect sit’ – especially if there is a treat at the end of it! Cara is very food driven and Mum has to be careful if she has put any food on the edge of the table as Miss Cara will definitely pinch it! She also does some of the funniest things – like her own personal back scratcher where she uses the vine in the backyard and she will stand underneath this and gyrate her body back and forth to give her back a scratch! Hahaha!  Cara is definitely a little cheeky at times but in the most loving and funny ways. She is a little treasure who adores her Mum as much as her Mum adores her right back. They are truly two peas in a pod and have the happiest times together!

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