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Sneak Peeks of Gus

Gorgeous Gus is a 12yo dark brown Toy Poodle cross Tibetan Spaniel and he got his name from a reality type TV show that his Mum and Dad used to watch where a man in the show had a dog called Gus. When they got ‘their Gus’, they decided Gus would be an awesome name especially as ‘their Gus’ is the polar opposite of the Gus that was in the TV show! His favourite place to sleep is on the bed and he loves to snuggle up with both his Mum and Dad. Gus also loves the couch and any other ‘human’ area of the house. Mum describes it as them being the masters and him owning the house! Lol  He is a happy, fun loving little guy who will do just about anything for fresh chicken and lives for playing with a ball. His whole world revolves around the ball even at 12 years of age! Mum says that his beautiful eyes light up and he looks like he is smiling when he is playing with his ball. His whole body does a little ‘happy dance’ the moment he sees a ball being picked up and he waits in high anticipation for it to be thrown for him. You are such a sweet boy, Gus, and we had so much fun with you in the studio.

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