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Sneak Peeks of Reg and Ziggy

Reg and Ziggy are just a couple of fun loving guys who are the apples of their Mums’ eyes! Reg is a 14yo red Dachshund and Ziggy is a 2yo white Maltese Terrier cross. Reg has been a Zoo Studio superstar previously and he is beautiful in nature but full of cheek and he knows just how to work that camera! Mum loves the playful and exciting nature of Reg and how he will come up to everyone with a big ‘smile’ on his face. He is super smart and will actually ‘watch’ conversations waiting to hear the words he recognises! This of course leads to lots of excitement! Reg also has a bit of a penchant for ‘bossing people around’ which really is just him letting you know how things are in Reg’s world! He is a real ‘man about town’ who LOVES to go out in the car, to the beach and out to cafes. Reg also loves to go fishing and is always excited to go for his daily walks. Ziggy is an energetic and playful young man and he joined the family as a young pup when Mum decided she wanted a fur kid who she could pamper and be a little different but still as loving as Reg and other previous Dachshund, Keif. Ziggy is a funny boy who whilst adoring of his Mum, can be a little bit of a ‘maniac’ and he definitely keeps them on their toes! Reg and Ziggy, you certainly are a dynamic duo!

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