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Sneak Peeks of Star

Sensational Star is a 2yo black and white Greyhound and she has only just joined the family two months ago when she had been surrendered from a race trainer after coming in last in her one and only greyhound race. Whilst Star is still getting used to life in a family, she is genuinely sweet and loving but she really has no idea about personal space including smothering our very own Lorraine with puppy kisses! Star is loving life off the track and she adores her Mum and Dad – especially her Dad, where Mum sometimes feels like she is the ‘3rd wheel!’ Star completely adores her Dad and when he is home, they are inseparable! Star is a funny, and sometimes gangly, young lady and she LOVES to play! She has discovered the good life with her Mum and Dad and she adores her toys – but unfortunately most of them don’t last very long!! Mum describes her as ‘crazy as a coconut!’ Star does have one ‘best friend’ toy who has lasted well and she takes it with her everywhere and this is Larry the Llama! Mum has loved seeing how Star is adjusting to life in a family even down to the amazed expressions she had when she first saw the television! Star loves to spend her days being busy and checking things out and of course being with her Mum and Dad. Star, you are a winner in our eyes and may your light continue to shine forever bright!

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