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Sneak Peeks of Billy

This adorable young man is Billy and he is a 1yo light caramel and cream Cavoodle. He is the apple of his Mum and Dad’s eyes and is ridiculously cute and loving and he has fitted in to the family as if he was always there! The time was finally right for Mum and Dad to decide to get a pet and they travelled to the Sunshine Coast to see a litter of puppies and beautiful Billy was one of them. Mum felt an instant connection with this gorgeous little guy and he got to come home with them that same day! Billy is social and loves meeting other dogs and any person he can. Whilst he adores his human friends, he also loves a good wrestle with his furry friends. Billy loves to play ball and he adores his toys but keeps his Mum and Dad on their toes with these as he likes variety so he will go hot and cold with them. He also enjoys play time with his Dad and he loves it when he comes home from work as he will greet his Dad with such happiness and enjoyment. Billy is also obsessed with birds and he loves to watch them through the windows and doors and he goes nuts to be able to have a chance to chase them! (He is a good boy though and doesn’t catch any!) Billy is a loving, kind, affectionate and chilled little guy and he has brought another level of happiness to their little family and is amazing company to both Mum and Dad.

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